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If you decided to buy a wireless mouse , and throw away the wired one , then the first question that comes to mind is : what is the best choice ? From information I have gathered from different sources , it appeared to me that the best wireless mouse to buy is one of the listed below.

My advice is to choose the brand you think the best from that list , keep in mind , that small variations between the brands could make all the difference between the good and the best to you.

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Mouse Picture

HP Wireless Mouse with Laser Sensor

HP$21.39Buy it now

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

Microsoft$20.20Buy it now

Logitech Wireless Mouse M525

Logitech$19.99Buy it now

Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705

Logitech$30.42 Buy it now

Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse

Logitech$71.98 Buy it now

Dell PU705 Wireless Mouse with Bluetooth 2.0

Dell$31.30 Buy it now

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

Logitech$44.63Buy it now

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse

Logitech$28.99 Buy it now

Logitech M305 Wireless Mouse

Logitech$38.99 Buy it now


Ok for now , you have just went through the list of the best wireless mouse and I know that you properly liked one of them , so the next step , is to know more about wireless mice.

Wireless mice like any other electronic devices have types and groups , so check this out :

Two Popular types of the best wireless mouse are :

1- light mice : they use light to measure its position at any time , any where in a small range of space , and they are called optical mice.

2- laser mice : just like the previous one but they are a little bit better , because they are more accurate and lets say they are cheaper.

A third one is in the market but they are very hard to find and , for sure you can live without them . This type still uses the ball method that came with the earlier brand , but the difference here , is that there is no wire , and they are less accurate and inefficient.

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First Mouse

First Mouse


Now , If you want specific terms about your best wireless mouse , then you can focus on the following specs :

1- Range
2- Battery
3- The brand

* For the first Spec which is Range , I don’t think that it will make any difference for you since all wireless mice come with at least 7 feet long range , but take a look at this unique example :


- It’s design is comfortable to your hand and it has a special oriented shape that makes it unique.

- Very long range of connection that you can control your computer with it from 98.42 feet away.

- Good battery.


* This mouse is designed for people who are calm , quit who want everything to be smooth and comfy , and by this , I mean its designed for Very long range use so gamers are not adviced to buy this one.


Check the tech specs :

some of the info below are repeated just to have a full perspective on the mouse .

- Dimensions 7 x 5 x 2 inches .
- Weight  2.4 ounces .
- Battery 2 AAA batteries are required .
- Range 98.42 – foot .
- Windows/PC and Mac OS X compatible .


Before we go to the next mouse , I want you to look at these questions and their answers carefully , it might help you to understand more about wireless mice :

Question number one : Why wireless mice don’t work on glass ?

Ans : Modern wireless mice have cameras to take picture of the surface underneath, and send these pictures to a processor inside the mouse itself , and wireless mouse loves imperfect surfaces to determine its own motion . But as you can easily notice , glass surfaces are very flat and very uniform and the worst of all they are transparent , so the cameras inside them have hard time understanding the surface beneath them , and so are mirrors and reflective surfaces .

You can check the best pads or surfaces to your mouse here .

After that long speech , I bet that you are thinking that we are in the 2013 year and we don’t have this type of mouse  , Well ! let me tell you this , we do have this type of mouse but it’s a little bit expensive , check this one out :


Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse

This mouse is one of list above ” table best wireless mouse “

This mouse is unique because you can put it on any reflective surface , ( mirror , glass ) , and as I said earlier it’s price is a little bit high , not too high but its affordable and its for sure worth it .

Some tech specs :

- Dimensions 4.2 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches .
- Weight 2.4 ounces .
- Can work on glass .
- Requires 1 AA batteries , medium life range .


For the second Spec which is Battery , I think I have provided you with mice that are already have powerful and long lifespan , but as I usually do , I offer a mouse that is a leader in a specific term , so here is a great example of mouse that has super battery :

Another great example the list of the best wireless mouse is  

Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705


his mouse is designed for people who are lazy to get out of their homes to buy new batteries . Its so comfortable to your hand due to it’s crooked smooth edges .

Some tech specs

 Dimensions 3.6 x 6.5 x 8.8 inches
Weight 6.6 ounces
 Requires 2 AA batteries , and can live for ” 3 years ”
 your hands can’t get sweaty , because of it’s rubber surface


Question number two : Why do some mice have strange shapes and orientations ?

Ans : If you don’t play games ” first person shooting games ” like ” call of duty ” then you are excused , wireless mice companies make these strange orientations , just to make your hold on the mouse a little bit stronger , so you can move your game crosser more accurately and take out your enemies faster , so basically , the more ugly your mouse is the more gamers tend to buy it .



As I came to the last Spec which is The Brand , there is no doubt that you are not going to buy one of these brands :

1- Microsoft .

2- Logitech .

3- Razer .

4- Dell .

5- HP .

* You may think of other makes e,g, chinese for example . but take my advice don’t do that , since the separation between you and a nice wireless brand mouse is just a few dollars , always pick the top , but if you are so insistent to buy other than a popular brand , then its advisable to pick on of these :

1- Corsair .
2- Hippus . It has very strange shape .
3- Roccat .


Question number three : Is it a must to install a specific program before using it ?

Ans : No , Isn’t . If you want to buy the best wireless mouse then you can expect these in the package :

1- Usb ” which is a mouse receiver in the side of your laptop ” , you only have to plug this into your laptop . Then the computer will automatically install the program inside the usb . It may take up to 10 seconds to do that , then your mouse is ready to use .

2- Of course the mouse itself which the sender .

3- Batteries , most of wireless mice come with free batteries .

* After having said all the above , i hope you find it useful and enlightening .

* Feel free to leave a comment below , your comments will be highly appreciated .


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